Here is an ongoing 24 / 7 stream of 9 Beet Stretch, starting at the time of sunset, Wien, march 26th, the date Ludwig van Beethoven died.

For CET (Central European Time) the hours are:

CET 18:16 movement 1 - duration 5½ hours
CET 23:43 movement 2 - duration 5 hours
CET 04:48 movement 3 - duration 5 hours
CET 09:24 movement 4 - duration 8½ hours

In daylight saving time, ie. summertime (at least in CET this is last weekend in march to last weekend in october), add one hour. A further complication is that at the dates of change the one or the other way, 9 Beet Stretch will not fit into its duration of 1 Day since A Day at these dates lasts respectively 23 and 25 hours. Maybe, one day, I make special sets for these days.

I am very greatful to Svexican who are now running this stream! My sincere gratitude also to Harold Schellinx and Park4DTV who ran the stream and app of 9 Beet Stretch for almost 10 years prior to this.

The source recording for this stream is a Naxos recording conducted by Béla Drahos with the Nicolaus Esterházy Sinfonia and Chorus (Naxos 8.553478). Sincere thanks to Naxos USA!

Courtesy of Naxos of America. All rights reserved. © 1996.